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This character has also attracted psychologists with much effort to understand the psychology of his character and true self in society. In May 2011, Batman ranked No. 2 in "Top 100 Comic Heroes of All Time" by IGN, Empire magazine also listed Batman as No. 2 in "Top 50 comic characters of all time". , even after Superman. JESUS AND SUPERHEROES IT'S HEAVY HUH SHIRT. In 2015, FanSided ranked Batman first in the list of "Top 50 greatest superheroes in history". In early 1939, Superman's success in Action Comics made editors in the comic department of National Publications (later DC Comics) demand more superheroes for their stories. In response, Bob Kane created "the Bat-Man." Collaborator Bill Finger recalls: "Kane has an idea of ​​a character called 'Batman', and he wants me to see the drawing. I go to Kane, he drew a character that looks a lot like Superman. , kind of ... wearing red stockings, I believe, with shoes ... no gloves ... wearing a small domino mask and swinging on a rope. Outstretched, like bat wings, and below is a big sign ... BATMAN.

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