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Vuong again boasted: "My kitchen must use sugar instead of firewood." But Thach robbed the words: "To warm the rooms in the winter, we have to burn candles every day." Listening to them, neither side took any side, there was a guest who arranged: "You two argue like that is not helpful at all. We need to have evidence, we can believe it. One day, you two show your wealth to us. A QUILTER’S BRAIN. Whoever loses must pay ten gold baskets to the party. We will testify to ". Both of them confessed their words. By the day of the match, there were some great gods who testified for them. The two parties sign the covenant paper. The queen took care of her brother's defeat, and sent several wise counselors to help her. First, Vuong sent a stretch of silk to make a curtain in all his palaces. It is Thach Sung's turn to take the plunge and cover all his houses. Seeing that, Vuong took the glass instead of all the roofing tiles of his house, making them become bright buildings like pearls.

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