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Disney's revenue and expertise since the early 1970s. It also marked the beginning of an era called Disney's Renaissance. DEAL ME IN FLORENCE FIRST NURSING STUDENT 1860. A theater musical adapted from the film, written by Doug Wright and Alan Menken and another songwriter, Glenn Slater composed a number of new songs, starting in Denver in July. in 2007 and performed on Broadway on January 10, 2008. Ariel, a 16-year-old mermaid, the daughter of the water king Triton, was tired of living in the sea, dreaming of human life on land. Ariel often goes with her friend Flouder to collect human things and give them to Scuttle, who provides information about human customs and is very funny about it. Despite the warning of his father and the conductor of the royal court, Sebastian, that the relationship between fishmen and humans is forbidden, Ariel still wants to be a part of the world above, she collected filled with a secret cave full of human things she found. Meanwhile, Sebastian, who has taken on the responsibility of not letting her go to the surface of the water, tries to convince Ariel that it is better for her to live in the high seas.

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